DYNAMAX Petrol Valve Injector Fuel System Cleaner Additive 300ml

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15 in stock


DYNAMAX Petrol Valve and Injector Cleaner – ensures effective cleaning of valves, injector nozzles and the inlet area without dismantling. Removes operationally caused contamination in the entire petrol injection system. Only a clean fuel system guarantees clean and powerful combustion and efficient engine performance!


Add every 6 months to the petrol fuel tank before filling up. Recommended for all petrol engines. Especially in case of cold start problems or bad exhaust values. Treats 60 L of petrol. For larger tank volumes add 0,5% of the filling content. Product works during engine operation.

Attention: Cleaning fluid – not a fuel substitute!


Easy application without extra effort. Improves the engine performance and provides a powerful and stable combustion process. Reduces the fuel consumption and optimizes the exhaust gas emission values. Considerably prolongs the life span of the engine and ensures smooth engine running.

Application interval: every 6 months

Price for 1 bottle


Weight190 g


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