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DYNAMAX Hydraulic Lifter Additive Treatment 300ml

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12 in stock

EAN: 8586016012456 SKU: Dyna-060 Category: Tags: , ,


DYNAMAX Hydraulic Lifter Additive reduces damage to hydraulic lifters in the mutual friction, reduces wear and noise produced by lifters. It cleans valves and openings in the hydraulic lifter and thereby promotes optimum performance and improves cold start.


DYNAMAX Hydraulic Lifter Additive can be used to adjust the engine oil for all gasoline and diesel engines. Before use, it is advisable to flush the oil system. After cleaning, pour new oil with the DYNAMAX Lifter Care Additive.

Dosage: 300 ml of the preparation of 6 Litres oil.

Application field: all petrol and diesel engines

Application interval: with every oil change

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Weight300 g


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