DYNAMAX ATF Automatic Transmission Flush Cleaner 300ml

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15 in stock


DYNAMAX ATF Automatic Transmission Flush Cleaner – is a high-performance cleaner for automatic gearboxes with and without torque converter. Suitable for all types of automatic transmissions with 4, 5, 6 or 7 gears, continuously variable automatic transmissions, dual clutch transmissions and direct shift gear transmissions.


1) Add to automatic gear box before exchanging the transmission fluid.

2) Run engine approx. 15 min with frequent load changes (use all gear positions).

3) Exchange transmission fluid and filter according to manufacturer instructions. 300 ml sufficient for 8 l capacity. For larger capacities add 40 ml per Litre of gear oil.


Removes operationally caused contamination and deposits from the automatic transmission gear box. Protects from corrosion and early wear. Ensures soft shifting with direct response and smooth engine running.

Application field: all automatic transmissions

Consumption: 300 ml for 8 l gear oil // or 40 ml per 1 Litre

Application interval: with every gear oil change

Price for 1 bottle


Weight300 g


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