DYNAMAX Wiper Blades Flat Design with 6 Adapters

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DYNAMAX Wiper Blades are universal graphite flat wipers with 6 adapters for quiet and efficient wiping.

Available in 10 sizes. Price is for 1 Wiper Blade.

Thanks to special adapters, it is suitable for more than 90% of the vehicle fleet. The wipers have a low profile and thanks to the built-in spoiler with increased downforce, they provide maximum grip and visibility in all conditions. Optimal visibility is guaranteed even during bad weather and high speed.

High quality flat technology ensuring trouble-free operation and quiet wiping.

The wiper blade is made of a high proportion of natural graphite and a synthetic component to ensure high quality and durability of DYNAMAX wiper blades.

The new DYNAMAX wiper blades are characterized by simple and quick installation.

6 Adapters and Compatible arms table:

Compatible armCode on DYNAMAX adapter
Side pin 5×22 mmA01
Side pin 5×17 mm
Bayonet 9×4 mmA02
Push button 16 mmA03
Push button  19 mmA04
U-hook 8,7×7 mmA05
U-hook 9×11 mm
Pinch tab 15mmA06


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