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DYNAMAX Cool G12 EVO Coolant Antifreeze Ready Mix -37° 5 Litres

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15 in stock

EAN: 8586011474747 SKU: Dyna-093 Category: Tags: , , ,


DYNAMAX G12 EVO Coolant Antifreeze Ready Mix -37° (Pink)

5 Litres

DYNAMAX G12 EVO Coolant Ready Mix 5 Litres:
  • DYNAMAX G12 EVO coolant is pre-mixed to -37°, so no further mixing with water is necessary.
  • Specially developed for the latest vehicles of VW group (VW, SKODA, SEAT, AUDI).
  • Replaces G13 Coolant. Award Winning brand from Slovakia.
  • Provides excellent protection against overheating, freezing, corrosion and formation of deposits in the cooling system and neutralizes “hard” water – water with a high mineral content.
  • Thanks to the increased content of corrosion inhibitors, it meets the highest requirements of the VW concern – the VW TL 774 L standard.
  • Can be mixed with its predecessors G13, G12++, G12+, G11. Serves as a full-fledged replacement for coolants that are made on the basis of 1,2-ethylene glycol (or glycol).
  • Light Red / Violet (Purple) Colour.
  • It’s more environmentally friendly and replaces the predecessor G13, G12++, because it does not contain nitrites and amines. Does not damage the rubber. Contains ethylene glycol and highly organic corrosion inhibitors. Lacquered surfaces must be washed with water after spraying.
  • Contains a special flavour component that prevents accidental ingestion of the liquid.

Approvals:  VW TL 774 L (Porsche/VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda), STN 66 8910, ASTM D 1384MADE IN SLOVAKIA. TOP OEM SPEC COOLANT

Weight5600 g
Dimensions250 × 120 × 290 mm


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